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Puddling, a simple winning gesture(NL)

A guarantee when planting with puddling. A sentence summing up the article (appears on the image): planting is an important, delicate step, it stresses the plant, and it should therefore be carefully handled, as it will determine the plant’s growth over the months and years to follow.

What is puddling?

It entails soaking the entire root system of a plant before planting it in a thick mud consisting of a planting medium that has been diluted in water beforehand.

Traditionally, this planting medium was made using cow pats, clay and water. Today many ready-to-use planting mediums are commercially-available, and all you need to do is add water until it gets to pouring consistency.

Why puddle?

This coating is intended to ensure good recovery of trees and shrubs after planting, especially in the case of late planting.

The growing medium is not intended only for plants sold with exposed roots, it is also recommended for container-bought vegetables.

The root growing medium is a kind of coating that will facilitate root growth by allowing homogeneous contact with the earth, thus avoiding any risk of drying out.

How do you puddle?

When planting plants, you need to activate their root system to encourage it to quickly develop in the soil in which they are planted.  

Don’t forget to cut slightly damaged roots with sharp shears to make a clean cut from which new roots will shoot.

To encourage rooting and regrowth, it is recommended to add some fertiliser and root growth stimulator into the planting hole.